Cut Through the Noise of Regulatory Change

  • Regulatory data updates relevant to your global operation
  • Urgent and important obligation indicators at a glance
  • Sentiment index of local regulators
  • Risk mitigating practical pointers from industry experts
  • Collaboration in a single risk control platform
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The Challenge


Average annual increase in regulatory change across global markets

There’s no shortage of self-help regulatory watch products but the volume of information doesn’t help busy governance, risk management and compliance professionals get to what’s really important.

That’s why Riagla delivers commercially relevant, actionable information to help you understand what needs attention now, what can wait and what’s just noise.

Our Solution

Riagla helps multi-jurisdictional businesses streamline their compliance processes. We work with leading law firms across the globe to capture data on new and emerging regulations – we focus only on what’s important to your business, giving you a choice of topics and jurisdictions to provide a flexible compliance platform, built specifically to help your business manage and mitigate risk.

Riagla market specialists curate information for your organisation, to:

  • Adapt output to your business needs
  • Indicate urgency of actions based on your risk appetite
  • Provide practical action insights
  • Track local regulator ‘sentiment’

Riagla provides a highly collaborative environment – allowing teams to deliver compliance in a way that fits their business operations and generating a clear audit trail to increase confidence and reduce annual professional indemnity insurance costs.

Global regulatory data – right when you need it

  • Pick topics of specific relevance to your business
  • Choose coverage of jurisdictions where you operate
  • Browse source documents and web links
  • View local regulator sentiment
  • See action in progress via geographic heat map

More than Horizon scanning – curation is built in

  • Curated data – tailored to suit your business
  • Market specialists – real life sector experience
  • Urgency rating – what’s high risk right now?”
  • Practical pointers – business sense suggestions
  • Management insight – supports operational priorities

Stay ahead – track regulatory obligations

  • Global management and my data dashboards
  • Topic data cards assigned to specific team members
  • Drag & drop function for easy document retrieval
  • Share info via email or set up meetings with collaborators
  • Monitor critical dates via Horizon view

Here to support you – simple and easy to use

  • Discovery process to understand your business functionality across multi-jurisdictional operations
  • Wish list choice of topics and jurisdictions required for your needs.
  • Detailed onboarding with specialist curators
  • Riagla technical support

Key Benefits

Riagla blends technical features and global market expertise to deliver:

  • Highly curated commercially relevant information, saving you time
  • Global governance with no ad hoc reliance on informal data feeds, reducing complexity
  • Indemnified output mitigates risk and offers protection
  • Confidence to sign off company’s regulatory compliance
  • Cost savings via reduced burden on internal resource and insurance cost reduction
  • Auditable trail that tracks new obligations, so leaders can ensure they’re being implemented
  • Tailored reporting constantly evolves to map and meet business needs


Riagla captures new and updated regulatory data on topics that are critical to ensure compliance and risk mitigation on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

  • Riagla covers all of the major jurisdictions.
  • New jurisdictions are added regularly.
  • We can discuss sourcing data from local specialists in any jurisdiction that you require.
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